• 24.01

    Sweat of the week: Ice Hockey with the Sports Committee

    BY Idrottskommittén

    Hello, and welcome to join us for the first ever: Sweat of the weak with the Sports Committee. This spring […]

    Bottenhavsparken at Busholmen
  • 02.02

    Academic Classic 2019

    BY Idrottskommittén

    The excitement grows as the KY and SHS ice hockey teams Hernesaaren Näädät and HC Morjens once again meet each […]

    Helsinki Ice Hall
  • 29.01

    Student Council meeting 1/2019

    BY Fullmaktige

    Student Council meeting 1/2019 the 29th of January at 17.00 in the teachers room.

  • 29.01

    Student union fair

    BY Styrelsen

    The student union fair will be held on the 29th of January from 11.00-13.00 at Hanken.

  • 26.01

    Inledande Party

    BY Casa Nostra

    Save the date!

    Casa Academica