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By Christian Nygård

As winter is just behind the corner, and it has began to become cold and dark, your motivation for going out running or doing sports has most likely dropped. The Sports Committee and the clubs at the Student Union arrange different opportunities to exercise regularly, through the Monday-run, different sports events, ball games, and a lot more that everyone is more than welcome to join in on. However, did you know that Hanken students have the right to use the Unisport’s services at an incredible beneficial price?

Hanken bought a share of Unisport, and became one of the owners in 2017. So now Hanken students can use Unisports services at the same price as students of Aalto and Helsinki University. The price for a season card for one year is only 145€ for Hanken students. If you want to exercise only before lunch or in the evenings, you can take a full year season card for half-days. The price of this is 101€. In other words, you won’t find a better and cheaper option for indoor exercising than this!

Unisport is located close to multiple student campuses around the Helsinki area. The closest one is in Töölö next to Hanken; the entrance is at the back of the Aalto School of Business building – only a minute away by foot from your studies. Unisport is found in Otaniemi, Meilahti, Kumpula, Viikki as well as in the city center in the newly opened Kluuvi. There are nice gyms in various sizes at all locations, that you can freely use with a season card. You can also sign up for group exercises and participate in different ball games. Some examples of group-exercises offered are everything from spin-sessions, to bodypump, and zumba. If you enjoy training together with other people, then check out what they have to offer. There are also sessions to train in the gym with a personal trainer if you feel like you need a boost,  are new to training in a gym. Finally, Hanken students can also book a hall for dance or different ball sports whenever they like, or even book a weekly session to to play or dance with your group regularly.

To keep exercising  on the side your studies, I recommend that you check which Unisport is closest to you, as well as which group-exercises or training facilities fits you best. An extra bonus with the season card is that you can freeze it if needed. If you are for an example working somewhere else over the summer, or going for an exchange semester, the season card will still be a great option since your membership can be paused during the time you are away. So don’t hesitate, get a season card to Unisport and get started with the exercise! More info can be found at:

Christian Nygård