Information regarding the course Research Seminar

By Utbildningsutskottet

The course Research Seminar currently yields 12 credits. However, from autumn 2019, the
courses yield 5 credits. To clarify, the following information is given.
The specialisation Business & Management has a different system with two 6 + 6 credits

courses in 2018-19. Please contact your head of specialisation Veronica Liljander (veron- or Planning Officer Sabina Eerola ( for

more information.
Case 1.
Students, who start the course in September 2018, and complete the course according to

the course’s demands and schedule, acquire 12 credits (in most cases the deadline for com-
pletion is May 2019). The course description for autumn 2018 applies.

Case 2.
Students, who start the course in January 2019, have to complete the course “Seminar 12

credits” in December 2019 at the latest. This deadline is absolute and delays are not ac-
cepted. Some departments offer the possibility of a faster pace (please see the course de-
scription in both WebOodi and Moodle). The content and the course description is not nec-
essarily the same as for the course offered in the autumn of 2018. Please read the descrip-
tions carefully in WebOodi and Moodle.

Case 3.
Students, who start the course in September 2019, receive 5 credits. Changes in the
course description have taken place.
Note: In all three cases, the guidelines set forth in the course descriptions apply.