What does SHS2025 look like to you?

By Styrelsen

Dear Hankeit,

I hope the dust has settled from everyones virtual Vappu celebrations and that
everyone has enjoyed the extended weekend even though we were not able to
celebrate together this year. Even though the circumstances are dull, the new
decennia means it’s time to gaze towards the future and on all levels actively shape
it so that it meets our expectations when its here.

2020 is the last operative year for the long term strategy of SHS. The long term
strategy was drawn up 2015 for the years 2016-2020. That means this year SHS is
getting a new long term strategy until 2025.

The Student Council appointed a strategy committee chaired by the Executive
Board to draw up the new strategy. So far the committee has worked on its own
with reviewing the earlier strategy, benchmarking the strategies of the other
Student Unions in Finland and with various tools analysed SHS, our activities and
our operating environment to identify the themes that the strategy should take into

Now we’ve arrived at the most critical phase of the process when we’ve are
gathering the information on which to ground our strategy. In this phase, we want
to put you in the spotlight in order for you to tell precisely what you want from

SHS is in a fairly unique situation, since we as a Student Union are governed by
the University Act and is expected to have strong advocacy functions, while at the
same time we are the entity providing most of our members with events and
other program. The Student Union should strive to accommodate our members
values, goals and ambitions. In this everyones opinion is equally valuable – no
matter how engaged you perceive yourself to be.

To create a strategy, that like a roadmap leads SHS where we’ll want to be in five
years and develops all parts of our operations, we need to know where we want
to be in 2025 and how we should develop.

Today we are launching an extensive campaign in order to gather information
that we can ground our strategy in. The primary way for you as a SHS member to
participate in the strategy work is by answering the strategy survey. When you’ve answered the survey you can also participate in a raffle for six gift cards á 40€ to either Green Hippo Café in Helsinki or Restaurant HEJM in Vaasa sponsored by EY and SEB.

In addition to hearing all or members, we are also hearing both our internal and
external stakeholders. All committees and clubs at SHS will have an opportunity to
answer a questionnaire on among other subjects how SHS can help them develop
their activities under the coming five years.

The strategy committee will also for some sub-organisations follow up the
questionnaire with qualitative interviews. We will also hear our most important
external stakeholders and will spar about the strategy with among others Hankens
management and SHS alumni association. Together with SSHV, the student
association in Vaasa, we are planning how to best take them into account in the

I hope that you have understood that you are a very important piece of the puzzle
that is SHS strategy. On behalf of the whole strategy committee, I hope you will
take the time to tell us how SHS should be developed.


Oscar Byman
Head of the strategy committee
SHS Executive Board