Student Union Activity – Experiences, Memories and Friends for Life

By Styrelsen


My name is Ingrid Bärlund and this year I am in the Executive Board responsible for events. So far, this year has been better than I could have expected filled with fun events and projects. This year has without doubt been one of the most informative year in my life with a lot of new tasks and new things to learn.

Even if the Executive Board is my most recent post at the Student union, I have been active already for a couple of years. I started in EAG (Extra Active Freshmen that organize events) and I recommend it if you are even a little interested to see what it means to be active in the Student union and organize events for other members. After EAG I have also been in the Sports Committee, International Helsinki Days and the Freshmen Committee and I have had a lot of fun and learnt a lot on the way.

Well what do you then get out of being active in the Student union? The answer to that question is that more that you can imagine. Being a part of planning and organizing both small and big events I have learnt more about taking responsibility, organizing ang planning and following a timetable. I have also learnt how to work together with a lot of different people which I see as a good experience for the future. When I was in the Freshmen Committee, I also got to see what it takes to organize events for bigger groups of people, in this case over 200 new freshmen, which I see as a good experience.

The Student union offers a place where you get to try new things and I believe that it is important to take this opportunity. There may not be a similar place and opportunity to try on so many different things under the same roof after your studies. I, for example, had never tried to find sponsors for anything and I was really nervous to contact companies, but when I was a part of the International Helsinki Days-team I got to try this in the Sponsor team. Dare to try new things and challenge yourself!

Even though you get to learn a lot of new things by being active in the Student union, the best thing for me has been all the people I have met and got to know. You will get to know so many different people in different ages that you would not have met without the Student union. To work so closely with a group of people during a period of time means that you will get new friends for life. Many of these other Student union actives are today my closest friends.

If you are even a little bit interested to be active in for example a committee or club – do it. I recommend to try it and you will not regret it! The committees that I have been a part of is only a small part of everything our Student union has to offer. We have a lot of different committees and clubs and you will most likely find something that interests you, and if not you can always start a new club.

Lastly I want to remind you to vote in the student council elections and keep your eyes open for the recruitment of a new Executive Board.

Have a lovely autumn and see you at the Student union!

Ingrid Bärlund