Meeting abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 25/2018

By Ida Andersén

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting abstract of The Executive Board’s meeting 25/2018
Place: SEB, Hietaniemenkatu 7A, II floor.
Time: 10.10.2018 kl. 8.36

Henna Konsti, Ida Andersén, Melina Weckman, Amos Schalin, Edvard Björk, Filip Styrström, Camilla Mäkinen

The Executive board decided on the following matters:
The Board has read through approved the economy plan for 2019-2021.
Ida Söderback and Mikaela Gerkman have been elected as student representatives to the institution representatives in Marketing and logistics.
The Board has noted that SHS could support the project “The Student’s capital” financially.

The Board’s activities:
The Board has participated in the Gulissemi.
The Board has organized a meeting with the Rector.
Nygård has attended at YTHS’s board meeting
Nygård has arranged interviews with candidates for Hanken’s Executive Board.
Nygård has participated in a WCS Helsinki meeting
Nygård and Weckman have participated in Warrantti’s Annual ball
Andersén have held a meeting with the President’s Committee
Andersén has supervised the Hankdammen party
Andersen and Konsti have participated in the Future Proof seminar
Andersén has participated in Weckman’s communications workshop
Björk has had a meeting with Handelsbanken, Heidi’s and Accenture
Björk has held a meeting with NU
Styrström has participated in the AOL-group meeting
Styrström and Weckman have participated in the Grand Committee’s meeting
Styrström and Schalin have participated in Juristklubben Codex’s annual ball

The meeting ended at 10.05