Meeting Minutes of the Student Council 1/2020

By Generalsekreterare

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics

Summary of Student Council meeting 1/2020
Place: The teacher’s room, Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki (Arkadiankatu 22) and room 105 Hanken School of Economics in Vaasa (Kirjastonkatu 16).
Time: 29.1.2020 17:01-20:04

The meeting was opened by Student Council President Henna Konsti at 5:01PM

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

Information and decision: Konsti proposes an amendment to the agenda with a modification that the scholarships are approved for publicity first, of which the badges will be treated afterwards.
The executive board presented their activities since the forming of the board 15.1.2020
Information about SESS board: Ida Andersén is the president of SESS and Andreas Lindén is vice- president for the year 2020.

Election of an expert member to the board of the Svenska Ekonomie Studenters Stiftelse

Kennet Lundström is chosen to become a delegate of SESS

Presentation on the implementation of the operational plan

The executive board presented their operational plan and each board member presented their area of responsibility.

Decision regarding document review of Equality Plan

In the April meeting of 2020, the working group will present its final draft. In May the final document is presented.

Document review of Emergency Communication Plan

The student council received information on the emergency communication plan and decided to hold an evening school during spring 2020 to discuss and review the plan thoroughly.

Proposals of the Foundation Support Society´s grant activity scholarships are noted for information

Distribution of SHS union scholarship is noted for information(€250)
Distribution of SHS operational scholarship is noted for information(€500)
Distribution of Kåryrar scholarship is noted for information(€2000)
Distribution of NIORD scholarship in noted for information (€500)
Distribution of Solrosen scholarship is noted for information

Distribution of the Student Union’s Badges were approved

Distribution of Stora förtjänstmärket
Distribution of Stora kårnålen i guld
Distribution of Lilla förtjänstmärket
Distribution of Stora kårnålen i silver
Distribution of Kamratskapsmärket
Distribution of Intressebevakningsmärket i guld
Distribution of memorial Jalles Horn

Other matters

The President of the Annual Ball Committee encourages the council members to attend the Solemn Act on the 24.2.2020
The next meeting will take place next week, Wednesday 5.2.2020

The Meeting was concluded at 8:04PM by Chairman Henna Konsti