Meeting Minutes of the Student Council 2/2020

By Generalsekreterare

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics

Summary of Student Council meeting 2/2020
Place: The teacher’s room, Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki (Arkadiankatu 22) and room 105 Hanken School of Economics in Vaasa (Kirjastonkatu 16).
Time: Wednesday 5.2.2020 17:00-20:03

The meeting was opened by Student Council President Henna Konsti at 5:01PM

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

The agenda was approved without changes

Joar Löf and Daniel Hasselström were chosen as tellers and protocol adjusters

Jennifer Holmberg was chosen as the writer of the summary of meeting minutes in Swedish and English.

– Members of Äldramannarådet were chosen after a closed voting for 2020-21 and they are Andreas Lindén, Julius Tallqvist, Alexandrine Lindstedt, Filip Styrström, Erika Storfors and Melina Weckman

– Lina Svensson was chosen as ordinary and Eliott Tallqvist as her substitute as student members of the University collegues were elected

-President of the Freshman Committee was elected to be Ella Ukkonen

-Members of the strategy group were chosen and include Maisa Dyhr, Joakim Kiuru, Melina Weckman, Julius Tallqvist, Henna Konsti, Andreas Lindén, Anton Nilsson, Annika Lindström. Executive Board member Oscar Byman will lead as the head of the group

-Priority order of the Student Union documents revising process was established, with the election document as its most crucial need of updates

Other matters:

-Secretary General Width informs the Student Council that the bus and tram stop outside the university will change its name to HANKEN in the end of March of this year, as a result of a project initiated by the 2019 Executive Board

– The next meeting will take place at Hanken Vasa in April