Summary of Student Council Meeting 3/17

By Styrelsen

Student Council meeting April 24th 2017

Location: Teachers’ Lounge at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki Arkadiankatu 22 and room 105 at Hanken School of Economics in Vaasa (Kirjastonkatu)

Time: 17.00

§1 Opening of the meeting

The meeting started at 17.03

§2 Accepting the legitimacy and decision making power as well as choosing the protocol adjusters and vote counters

The meeting was properly summoned

Filip Björklöf and Filip Lindholm were chosen as protocol adjusters and vote counters

§3 Confirmation of the meeting schedule


§4 Election of meeting secretary in Swedish and English

Christoffer Backlund was selected

§5 Approving of annual report 2016

Annual report approved

§6 Hearing of audit report and inventory

The student union’s auditor Tomi Liukkonen and Christoffer Hällfors have issued an audit report for 2016.

The council was made aware of the audit report and inventory

§7 Approving of financial statement 2016

Financial statement approved

§8 Granting of freedom from responsibility

Freedom from responsibility was granted

§9 Election of Masters’ committee chairman

Subject postponed

§10 Election of Annual ball committee chairman

Anni Immonen was elected

§11 Election of International Helsinki Days chairman

Hampus Djupenström was elected

§12 Information and discussion 

The board presented their ongoing activities

§13 Other matters

No other matters

§14 End of the meeting

Meeting ended at 19.57