Meeting Abstract of Student Council Meeting 6/2020

By Christian Nygård

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics

Summary of Student Council meeting 06/2020
Place: SHS Council Teams
Time: Wednesday 13.5.2020 5 PM – 9:58 PM

The meeting was opened by Student Council President Henna Konsti at 5:00 PM.

The following matters were addressed at the meeting:

  • Erika Storfors and Tanneli Immonen were chosen as tellers and protocol adjusters. Christian Nygård was chosen as the writer of meeting minutes in Swedish and English.
  • As demanded by Stora Utskottet, board member Nea Olsson presented the investigation made regarding the activities of the committees during the spring 2020.
  • The task force for writing the equality plan decided to not submit a final proposal to the student council. Based on the feedback given on the afternoon workshop on Wednesday 6.5.2020, the task force for writing the equality plan decided to postpone the work until the Autumn, since the feedback received could have meant large adjustments to the current proposal already written. A survey will be made by the task for to gather more thought from the student council about how the equality plan should look like.
  • The board presented an update on how they have implemented the operational plan for 2020 so far, what have been done during the spring and what will still be done during this year.
  • The priority order of the official documents of the student union was discussed. The student council decided according to the suggestion made by Stora Utskottet that Stora Utskottet will investigate what is needed to be revised within three of the documents: arbetsordning för fullmäktige, förvaltningsreglementet and ekonomireglementet.

Other matters

  • A motion has been submitted during the same day as the student council meeting by Anton Nilsson and signed by 11 other student council members. The motion refers to the range of events offered by the student union. The student council accepted the motion and decided to arrange a strategy afternoon workshop during the fall together with the president subcommittee.
  • The result of the survey for the student council was presented. Overall, high participation noted in the survey.
  • Melina Weckman, Anna Hedvall and Christian Nygård announced that they resign from the student council since they will graduate this summer.
  • Next meeting will be held in the beginning of September.

The Meeting was concluded 21.58 by Chairman Henna Konsti