Mötesreferat för fullmäktigemötet 1/2019

By Fullmaktige

Student council meeting 29.1.2019
Plats: Teachers room, Helsingfors
Time: 17:00
Opening of the meeting
-The meeting started at 17:10
-Accepting the legitimacy and decision-making power.
– Election of meeting secretary in Swedish and English
Anton Nilsson was elected.

Information​ ​and​ ​discussion, nothing out of the ordinary:
• The board presents their activities
• Questions to the board and separate board members
• Information from Vasa
• Questions to the board of SSHV
• The grand committee’s information to the student council

The proposals granted according to the mark and the scholarship committee’s proposal.
-Decision on distribution of Stora förjänstmärket
-Decision on distribution of Stora Kårnålen I guld
-Decision on distribution of Lilla förtjänstmärket
-Decision on distribution of stora kårnålen I silver
-Decision on distribution of kamratsskapsmärket

Only signing for the studentcouncil’s knowledge
-Decision on distribution of Kårstipendium noted for information
– Suggestions for the Understödsföreningens kåraktivitetsstipenduum noted for information
– Distribution of Verksamhets stipendium noted for information
– Distribution of Ben Schnitts stipendium noted for information
– Distribution of Solrosen stipendium noted for information

Decision on members to SESS-board 12
-Proposal: The SHS board has elected Chairman Andreas Lindén as a student member of the SESS Board at Board meeting 1/2019.

Ending of the meeting
Meeting ended at 18:32