Summary of student council meeting 12/2018

By Fullmaktige


Place: The teachers room in Hanken in Helsinki (Arkadiagatan 22) and room 105 in Hanken in Vasa

Time: 17:00 5.12.2018


1 Opening of the meeting

The meeting started at 17:04

2 Accepting the legitimacy and decision-making power  

Accepted the legitimacy and decision-making power.

​3 Confirmation of the meeting schedule

Accepted the meeting schedule

4 Election of meeting secretary

Oscar Byman was elected.

5 Choosing of the protocol adjusters and vote counters

Protocol adjusters and vote counters: Sara Teräsvasara, Charlotta Eriksson and Victor Bergström.

​6 Election of meeting secretary in Swedish and English

Taneli Immonen was elected.

​ ​7 Election of the executive board 2019

Andreas Lindén – President

Ingrid Bärlund – Program

Jerker Törnqvist – Administration and Maintenance

Nicolina Massa – Kommunikation

William Stjernberg – Corporate relations

Emilia Hattula – Social and international affairs

Ellen Wulff – Academic Affairs

Julius Tallqvist – Educational affairs

8 Election of the general secreteriat

Kritieane Width was elected.


9 Election of president for Elderly Council 2019

Rasmus Sinnemaa was elected.

10 Information and discussion

  • The board presents their activities
    • The board presented their activities
  • Questions to the board and separate board members
  • Information from Vasa
    • Vasa presented their activities.
  • Questions to the board of SSHV
  • The grand committee’s information to the student council
  • 11  Other matters

No other matters.

  • 12 Ending of the meeting

Meeting ended at 21:02