By Fullmaktige


Student Council meeting 11.12.2018

Place: The teacher’s room in Hanken in Helsinki (Arkadiagatan 22) and room 105 in Hanken in Vasa.

Time: 18:00


  • 1 Opening of the Meeting

The meeting started at 18:08.

  • 2 Accepting the Legitimacy and Decision-making Power

Accepted the legitimacy and decision-making power.

  • 3 Confirmation of the Meeting Schedule

Accepted the meeting schedule.

  • 4 Election of Meeting Summary

Janina Korhonen was elected.

  • 5 Choosing of the Protocol Adjusters and Vote Counters

Roland Ulfstedt and Anton Nilsson from Helsinki and Felix Andersson from Vasa elected as Protocol Adjusters and Vote Counters.

  • 6 Election of Meeting Secretary in Swedish and English

Eliott Tallqvist was elected as Meeting Secretary in Swedish in English.

  • 7 Information and Discussion
  • The board presents their activities
  • Questions to the board and separate board members
  • Information from Vasa
  • Questions to the board of SSHV
  • The grand committee’s information to the student council
  • The foundation’s information to the student council
  • 8 Budget Tracking


  • 9 Appointment of the Student Union Fee

Proposition: Appointment of the Student Council Fee 2019-2020.

Decision: Approved.

  • 10 Appointment of Action Plan 2019

Attachment 1: The board’s proposition for action plan 2019.

Decision: Approved.

  • 11 Appointment of Budget 2019

Attachment 2: The board’s proposition for budget 2019.

Decision: Approved.

  • 12 The Board’s Proposition for members to the University Council 2019-2021

Attachment 3: The board’s proposition for members to the University Council 2019-2021.

Decision: Approved.

  • 13 The Board’s Proposition to the Board of SESS 2019-2020

Decision: Approved.

  • 14 Other Matters

The Board presented the investigation of alternatives for Nyyti.

The Board presented the current state of the Clubs.

  • 15 Ending of the Meeting

Meeting ended at 19:50.