Meeting abstract from Student Council meeting 2/2019

By Fullmaktige

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting abstract of The Student Council 2/2019
Place: Teacher’s Room a516, v106
Time: 6.2.2019 at 5.03 PM
Attending: Sara Teräsvasara, Eliott Tallqvist, Victor Bergström, Janina Korhonen, Anton Nilsson, Christoffer Backlund, Tanel Immonen, Henna Konsti, Ellen Kuula, Amos Schalin, ROland Ulfstedt, Melina Weckman, Joakim Kiuru, Annika Lindström, Anna Hedvall, Lydia Nystén, Daniel Hasselström, Felix Anderson, Michaela Andtbacka, Alina Anderson, Petteri Toukila

The Student Council made decisions on the following matters: Emma Blomster was elected as the President of the Freshmans committee

Approved the Board’s proposal to prohibit bad behavior at annual celebration party

The revision of the Policy Document was remitted to the Grand Committee

The Student Council also discussed the following matters:

The Student Union’s committee Chairman kick-off

Discussed about clubs and various activities of the clubs with the board

Information about new meeting techniques for the council

Decided to approve the board’s proportion “The prohibition of bad behavior at the afterparty of the annual celebration of the student union ”

Implementation of the yearly business plan, which included a dynamic discussion on how to use more sustainable and ecological methods at committee organized events.

The Student Council proposed that the motion to revise the equality policy should be referred to the Grand Committee

The Student Council discussed how grilling of candidates should take place in the future, and members of the council were given a chance to voice their opinion of what works and what doesn’t.

The meeting ended at 8.01PM