Meeting abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 11/2019

By Generalsekreterare

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics

Meeting abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 11/2019

Place: SEB, Sanduddsgatan 7 A, II floor

Time: 23.04.2019 at 14.30


Attendees: Andreas Lindén, Ingrid Bärlund, Julius Tallqvist, Nicolina Massa, Jerker Törnqvist, William Stjernberg, Ellen Wulff, Emilia Hattula, Kristiane Width


During the meeting the Executive board made decisions regarding the following matters:
– Accept that a member of the Sports Committee will drop out
– Ban 4 people from Casa for the spring of 2019 as a penalty for a happening at the Herr & Dam sitz on the 13.4.2019.

The Executive Board’s activities:

– Took part in SESS board meeting
– Took part in Nordic Board Skype-meeting
– Discussed the appendix for the co-operation agreement with Hanken

– Represented the Executive Board at Tradbörs
– The supervisor at Herr & Dam sitz
– Gone through the suggestions made by The Students in Finland in the document for Lifelong learning

– Reparations of the Strobo-light system
– Supplies for Nordic Forum
– Damages from the Herr & Dam sitz reported

– EY Lounge Launch – event
– “Heidi’s Bier Baar Tuesday”-dates for the spring chosen
– Sponsorships to Vappu

– New First Aid Kit to The Student Union
– Comments on The Students in Finland document for Lifelong learning
– Marketing of the general election and encouraging all to vote

– Discussed with members of the Freshmen Committee regarding the Gulishankeiten so that the process is started
– Planning of Vappu and Kårsemi
– Started fixing the bus transportation to the kårsemi

– Found a version of the song book so that it can be revised
– Worked with and published the guide to Vappu
– Discussed with Regional State Administrative Agencies about the home page

– Did the SHS well being poll
– Participated in HOAS 50-year annual ball
– Preparations for Nordic Forum

No other matters.

The meeting ended at 15:06