Meeting Abstract of Executive Board Meeting 15/2020

By Generalsekreterare

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting Abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 15/2020
Place: Microsoft Teams
Time: 29.4.2020 at 11:00

Attending: Fanny Hindsberg, Nea Olsson, Filip Jägerroos, Eliott Tallqvist, Maisa Dyhr, Axel Toukkari, Kristiane Width

Meeting opened at 11:03 by Hindsberg

The Executive Board made decisions in the following matters during the meeting:

  • Opened application time for the second nomination of “Hankeit of the Quarter 2020”
  • Gave permission to the Freshman Committee to use SHS’s emblem for their Gulishankeit newspaper


Board Member activities:

  • Common activities: Attended two Rector’s coffee meetings, Attended a Dean meeting, Attended the Student Council’s evening school, Meeting with SSHV and KY

Fanny Hindsberg: Meeting with KPV, the General Secretary, the President of the Student Council, the Strategy group, a meeting regarding Vappen and the President Committee, Written greetings to Hankeiten, Gulishankeiten, Nötte and a Vappen speach for the 1st of May

Oscar Byman:Investigated Liikkuva Korkeakoulu, Attended SYL’s kopolive and followed the TRY-project, Worked on SHS2025 strategy, WSC meeting 28.4, Arranged two meetings with the external advocacy working group

Eliott Tallqvist: Written texts to the Gulishankeiten, Planned and coordinated IR-representatives takeover on SHS social media, Maintained regular contact with Hanken regarding summer courses

Joakim Kiuru: Contact with Kasvuryhmä and Great Place to Work to develop new partner strategies, Gathered reports on sponsor searching for all committees for SHS sponsor coordination, Worked on SHS2025 strategy, Prepared a selling spurt with a long list of potential partners

Maisa Dyhr: Attended SHVS skypeforum, Uniport’s delegation meeting, WSC executive board meeting, Pride checkup meeting with Hanken and two meetings with the external advocacy working group, Recruited StödHankeiter, Attended Ky vs SHS Final Showdown

Nea Olsson: Personal contact with presidents regarding their individual operations, Gender distribution working group, Executive board event SHS & Chill: sewing night, Syl KV-meeting, External advocacy working group meeting, Been in contact with other Student Unions and associations regarding Vappen, Arranged Vappen events, coordination and communication in social media, Attended Ky vs SHS Final Showdown

Filip Jägerroos: Updated the club manual and translated it to English, New smoking area tarp, Negotiate bookings for autumn with KSO. Started discussion regarding extermination of the Sauna, Copied new keys to Casa, Equality and harassment ombudsmen text to the Gulishankeiten with Maisa, Went through equality in the Student Union during the meeting of Presidents and planned a equality workshop with Maisa

Axel Toukkari: Maintaining our social medias active, Had discussions with Genero and developed on the website offer and future cooperations, Meeting with the old communication responsibles and Vasa’s Web responsible regarding the website’s progression, Attended Ky vs SHS Final Showdown and drank raw egg mixed with piimä to defend SHS’s honor, Had a meeting with the Financial and Administrative Secretary, the General Secretary, the President and the corporate relations responsible regarding the website

Other matters

  • No other matters

The meeting ended at 11:12.