Meeting abstract of The Executive Board’s meeting 17/2018

By Christian Nygård

Place: Sateenkuja 1 I 180, 02100 Espoo
Time: 30.5.2018 kl. 19.21
Present: Henna Konsti, Ida Andersén, Christian Nygård, Melina Weckman, Amos Schalin, Edvard Björk

The Executive Board decided on the following matters:
-CN was granted exceptional permit
-Gekko’s project grant application was granted in accord with the application
-Gekko was granted permission to use the Student Unions emblem in accord with the application

The Board’s activities
Styrelsen participated in a Niord dinner.

Styrelsen had a meeting with Minna Martikainen.

Styrelsen had Rector’s coffee at Kåren

Konsti participated in a KPV meeting

Konsti participated in Suomen Ekonomits federation meeting and strategyworkshop.

Andersén has written a letter to the editor with Nygård and the secretary general

Andersén has arranged Kårsemi with Weckman

Björk and Konsti had a meeting with EY

Björk has arranged a dinner with EY for students

Weckman has participated in the ITR council meeting

Weckman has publicized GDPR document

Nygård and Weckman have been to AYY’s annual ball

Nygård has participated in Hoas delegation meeting

Nygård has participated in wellnessgroup Sibelius meeting

Nygård has participated in YTHS delegation meeting
Schalin participated in KOY Casa Academica Fastighets AB Board Meeting