Meeting abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 2/2019

By Ingrid Bärlund

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting abstract of The Executive Board’s meeting 2/2019
Place: SEB, Sanduddsgatan 7A, II floor.
Time: 23.1.2019 at 11:00.



Andreas Lindén, Ingrid Bärlund, Ellen Wulff, Emilia Hattula, Julius Tallqvist, Nicolina Massa, William Stjernberg, Jerker Törnqvist, Melina Weckman, Kristiane WidthM


The Executive board made decisions in the following matters during the meeting:

-Melina Weckman, Alexandrine Lindstedt and Ida Söderback was elected as the ordinary student representative to the educational council.

-Julius Tallqvist, Alina Anderson and Ellen Kuula was elected as the deputy members to the educational council.

-The Executive board granted the Annual Ball Committee the right to use the emblem of the student union.

-The Executive board granted the Sports Committee a project grant.

-The Executive board granted a club grant to Hankminton, Hankfutsal and the Coffee Club.

-The Executive board decided that Emilia Hattula will get the authority to sign in the name of the student union on World Student Capital’s board meeting Monday  1.2.2019 at 17.00 and WSC association meeting 11.2 at 10.00.


Other matters:

-CN’s application for a project grant will be discussed on another meeting because the whole board did not have the chance to read it beforehand.


The meeting ended at 11:38.