Meeting abstract of The Executive Board’s meeting 20/2018

By Utbildningsutskottet

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics

Meeting abstract of The Executive Board’s meeting 20/2018

Place: SEB, Hietaniemenkatu  7A, II floor.

Time: 7.9.2018 kl. 12.30



Henna Konsti, Ida Andersén, Christian Nygård, Amos Schalin, Filip Styrström, Camilla Mäkinen, Oscar Byman, Andreas Lindén


The Executive board decided on the following matters:

  • Ellen Söderman was chosen as president of the central election committee


The Board’s activities:

  • The Board has hosted a meeting for the boards of the swedish speaking student societies.
  • The Board have had a dinner/workshop with Niord.
  • The Board organized a kick-off for the President’s committee.
  • The Board attended the Freshmen’s dinner.
  • The Board have had a strategy day.
  • The Board has attended the Gulisintagningen.


  • Styrström has assessed the scheduling of exams during the academic year 2018-19.
  • Styrström has held a speech for the Freshmen.
  • Styrström has elected and presented the courses of the academic year 2017-18.
  • Styrström has examined the problem with Casa’s lighting system.
  • Styrström has launched a plan for the autumn’s Education committee meetings.
  • Styrström has addressed the Education Committee´s visibility problem by sending institution representatives to classes for second year students and attended Gulismässan with the committee.
  • Styrström has presented the Student Union for UKÄ.


  • Nygård has planned the Wellness week.
  • Nygård has attended the Student Mobility Group’s meeting.
  • Nygård has attended WSC Helsinki’s meeting.
  • Nygård has attended two FSHS meetings.
  • Nygård has attended the Wellness Group’s meeting
  • Nygård , Andersén and Styrström have attended FSHS’s assessment of the study environment.


  • Weckman has attended ITR’s meeting.
  • Weckman has attended a meeting with Hanken regarding NBF.
  • Weckman has held a meeting with the heads of PR within every committee.
  • Weckman and Nygård have represented SHS at AYY’s annual ball.


  • Konsti has attended Suomen Ekonomit’s  general assembly.
  • Konsti has attended KPV’s meeting.
  • Konsti has held a presentation about the Student Union for the freshmen, master’s students and exchange students.
  • Konsti has held a speech at the Opening of the Academic year in Helsinki and Vaasa.
  • Konsti has attended Suomiareena with Hanken’s delegation.
  • Konsti has attended SHSUF’s meeting.
  • Konsti has attended the Housing Company’s meeting
  • Konsti has participated in HYC’s fundraising sailing.
  • Konsti and Nygård has attended Boomis Summer Party.
  • Konsti, Andersén and Weckman has attended the Mayor’s Helsinki week reception.


  • Andersén and Weckman have organized the Kårsemi.
  • Andersén and Konsti have organized the Board’s strategy day.
  • Andersén and Konsti have presented the Student Union for the Exchange students.
  • Andersén has written an open letter to HBL.


  • Schalin has attended the Housing Company’s meeting.


  • Björk has held two NU meeting.
  • Björk has planned and prepared Hanken Network Day.
  • Björk has attended five corporate visits.
  • Björk has launched Starbrix within the Student Union.
  • Björk has planned a new configuration for the Business Committee.
  • Björk has planned and put together the Overall team
  • Björk has planned a new sponsorship strategy for the Annual ball.


The meeting ended at 12.46.