Meeting abstract of The Executive Board’s meeting 28/2018

By Christian Nygård

Place: Sanduddsgatan 7A, 2nd floor
Time: 3.10.2018 kl. 8.39
Present: Henna Konsti, Christian Nygård, Melina Weckman, Amos Schalin, Filip Styrström, Ida Andersén

The Executive Board decided on the following matters:
-Mathilda Hinttu was chosen as a substitute student representative for the department council for marketing and logistics.
-Nygård, Konsti Weckman were chosen as ordinary representatives

The Board’s activities
Konsti and Björk has had a meeting with the Student Unions curator.
Andersén has arranged a going away party for the former Secretary General.
Konsti has participated in SYL leaders seminar.
Andersén, Styrström, Konsti, Björk and Nygård participated in Toppmöte.
Nygård has participated in WSC:s event about participation in Helsinki’s decisionmaking.
Schalin and Weckman participated in TuKYs annual ball.
Schalin got a temporary storage unit in the basement.
Schalin and Styrström has represented the Student Union at Nylands Nations Gäddfest with Inspectorschange.
Styrström has held an IR-meeting with the representatives for Management and Organisation.
Andersén and Weckman have arranged the Board’s open house breakfast.
Björk has arranged an overallparty.