Meeting abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 3/2019

By Styrelsen

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting abstract of The Executive Board’s meeting 3/2019
Place: SEB, Sanduddsgatan 7A, II floor.
Time: 4.2.2019 at 10.20.



Andreas Lindén, Ingrid Bärlund, Emilia Hattula, Julius Tallqvist, Nicolina Massa, Jerker Törnqvist, Melina Weckman, Barbara Hisinger-Jägerskiöld, Kristiane Width


Ellen Wulff, William Stjernberg

The Executive board made decisions in the following matters during the meeting:

– Emilia Hattula was elected to represent SHS in Unisport’s delegation
– The Executive board granted Casa Services the right to use the SHS logo on their merchandise
– The Executive board granted Casa Nostra and NESU-SHS a project grant
– The Executive board granted a club grant to HankSki, Hanken Yacht Club, Start Helsinki, Hankens Golfsällskap, Hanken Tennis Club, Hanken ES, HankSäbä och NESU-SHS
– The Executive board granted Stina Wahlsten the right to publish to SHS social media

The Executive Board’s activities:

– Andres Lindén has attended the president’s kickoff at SYL 1.2.2019
– Ingrid Bärlund has organized the student union fair 29.1.2019
– Emilia Hattula has attended a meeting with the YTHS health and well-being group
– Emilia Hattula has attended a meeting with Unisport
– Emilia Hattula has attended WSC (World Student Capital) kick-off meeting
– Ingrid Bärlund will organize and attend SHS committee president’s kick-off together with Jerker Törnqvist and Nicolina Massa
– Julius Tallqvist has added student representatives to the Education Council and their new directorate
– Julius Tallqvist has organized schooling for The Education Committee

Other matters:

– Barbara Hisinger-Jägerskiöld was present during the meeting and spoke about her role as the curator of the student union

The meeting ended 10.44