Meeting abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 4/2019

By Ellen Wulff

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting abstract of the Executive Board’s meeting 4/2019
Place: SEB, Sanduddsgatan 7 A, II floor
Time: 15.02.2019 at 11:42


Andreas Lindén, Ingrid Bärlund, Julius Tallqvist, Nicolina Massa, Jerker Törnqvist, William Stjernberg, Ellen Wulff, Kristiane Width

Emilia Hattula


The Executive Board made decisions in the following matters during the meeting:

– Linus Nyman was elected lecturer of the year 2018
– Julius Tallqvist was elected a member of the Assurance of Learning task force
– Eva Tanskanen was elected the Hankeit of the quarter (4)
– The Executive board granted a project grant to IK and Hankski
– The Executive board handed out an entry ban to an individual who has carried out illegal actions at Casa. The entry ban concerns the facility Casa Academica, and is valid till 30.09.2019.

The Executive Board’s activities:
– The Executive Board has visited SYL’s opening seminar in Kuopio
– The Executive Board has participated in the trustees’ education
– Ingrid Bärlund arranged the presidents’ kick-off for clubs and committés, and has also made sorting easier at the student union.
– Emilia Hattula has participated in a meeting with KY regarding Nordic Forum. She has also participated in HOAS’s info occation, WSC’s meeting, and skyped with the Nordic Board
– Nicolina Massa has meet up with INK’s president Elisabeth. They discussed issues regarding the SHS homepage. She has also had a meeting with Vanessa from ÅFK, where they discussed the marketing of the Annual Ball. Additionally, Nicolina has participated in a meeting regarding the upcoming panel discussion.
– Jerker Törnqvist has mailed with KSO regarding the ice machine, and showed the seepage on the fifth floor to the renovator. He has also confirmed that the toilet at the student union is fixed.
– Julius Tallqvist has had his first meeting with the Educational Committee, and has participated in an SSI seminar. He has also met with Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen (Program Director). Julius has skyped with Peter Björk (Head of University Department), and has come up with a recommendation for who is going to be the lecturer of the year.
– Ellen Wulff has participated in the Educational Committee’s first meeting, and WSC’s meeting with Emilia Hattula. She has also had a meeting with TF and Stud.Org. regarding the panel debate SHS is hosting together with them. A date for the debate was chosen: 25.03.2019. Ellen has also participated in e2’s info session, which concerned the general elections.  

– William Stjernberg has had a meeting with Mandatum Life concerning potential cooperation, and has met up with PwC and BearingPoint. William has also had a meeting with the Business Committee, and has aquired sponsorship agreements for Hanken Fashion Night and Wappubowl.


Other matters:
– Jerker Törnqvist left the meeting 12:06
– William Stjernberg left the meeting 12:33

The meeting ended at 12:45