Meeting abstract of Student Council meeting 5/2018

By Generalsekreterare


Student council meeting 18.9.2018

Plats: The Student Union, conference room SEB (Sanduddsgatan 7A)

Time: 17:00

§ 1 Opening of the meeting

The meeting started at 17:20.

§ 2 Accepting the legitimacy and decision-making power

Accepting the legitimacy and decision-making power.

§ ​3 Confirmation of the meeting schedule


§ 4 Choosing of the protocol adjusters and vote counters

Protocol adjusters and vote counters: Anna Piiroinen & Fredrik Palm.

§​ ​5 Election of meeting secretary in Swedish and English

Eliott Tallqvist was elected.

§​ ​6 Information​ ​and​ ​discussion

·       The board presents their activities

·       Questions to the board and separate board members

·       Information from Vasa

·       Questions to the board of SSHV

·       The grand committee’s information to the student council

§ 7 Information of the process concerning the election of student representant to the board of Hanken

Proposition: The applications opens 19.9.2018.

Decision: Approved.

§ 8 The boards proposition concerning ordinary student representant in the University Council

Styrelsen har på styrelsemöte 15/2018 valt Henna Konsti som förslag till ordinarie studeranderepresentant i universitetskollegiet.

Proposition: Henna Konsti as ordinary student representant in the University Council

Decision: Approved.

§ 9 Appointment of election day

Attachment 1. Proposition of the Board: Student council election administered 24–25.10 with pre-election voting 19-23.10.

Proposition: The day of the student council is appointed by the student council.

Decision: Approved.

§ 10 Approvement of the charter of World Student Capital

Attachment 3.

Proposition: World Student Capital’s charters approved by the Student Council

Decision: Approved.

§ 11 The boards proposition to the student council concerning completion of the regulations of the Badge- and Scholarship board

Attachment 2.

§ 12 Budget tracking


§ 13 Other matters


§ 14 Ending of the meeting

Meeting ended at 19:27