Meeting summary from the board meeting 10/2018

By Styrelsen

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics
Meeting abstract of The Executive Board’s meeting 10/2018
Place: SEB, Perhogatan 6, III floor.
Time: 21.3.2018 kl. 13.44

Henna Konsti, Ida Andersén, Christian Nygård, Melina Weckman, Amos Schalin, Edvard Björk, Filip Styrström, Oscar Byman, Camilla Mäkinen

The Executive board made decisions in the following matters during the meeting:
– Konsti, Byman and Jägerroos have been elected as student representatives in SESS’ administrative council.
– The Board suggests Sabina von Koskull as a student representative in SESS to the Student Council.
– Saga Rosin has been elected as an ordinary student representative and Olli Aalto as a suppleant student representative in the Department Council of Account and Commercial Law.
– Hanken Yacht Club’s grant application has been re-emitted to the club in hope for a more thorough application.
– HankFutsal has been granted 120euros for students to be able to play indoors for three more weeks due to bad weather.
– The elected of the Hankeit of the Quarter is postponed to the next face-to-face Board meeting.
– Instructions for how individuals who apply to positions of trust can complain about the decision have been decided upon.

Other matters:

The Board’s activities:
– The Board has organized a rector’s coffee
– The Board has met with the inspector.
– Konsti, Nygård, Schalin and Weckman has participated in Nordic Student Board Conference.
– Konsti has participated in Niord’s board meeting.
– Konsti has participated in SYL johdon semma.
– Konsti has participated in KPV sector meeting.
– Konsti has participated in the four-man-board’s meeting to elected Gekko18.
– Andersén has participated in the student mobility group’s meeting.
– Andersén and Nygård have participated in the member survey workshop.
– Andersén and Konsti have participated in the presentation of the results from the International Student Barometer.
– Andersén has been the board supervisor at the Afterski sitz and afterparty.
– Andersén has participated in SYLs international sector’s meeting.
– Nygård has participated in SYLs social affair sector’s meeting.
– Nygård has participated in YTHS:s directorate’s meeting.
– Nygård has participated in Unisports directorate’s meeting.
– Nygård has discussed YTHS:s future strategy at a workshop at YTHS.
– Styrström has recruited Department Council representatives.
– Styrström has held a Education Committee meeting.
– Styrström has work with lobbying anonymous exams.
– Styström has held a SHS 110 meeting with Andersén, Konsti & Schalin.
– Styström has started investigating the election process for Hanken’s board.
– Björk has met with Camilla Wardi.
– Björk has held a Business Committee meeting.
– Björk has represented SHS at NPG’s event korkean paikan leiri.
– Björk has started planning HND 2018.
– Björk has had a meeting with KY’s corporate relations representative and discussed potential cooperation.
– Björk has renewed contracts.
– Schalin has had a meeting about the autumn together with Konsti, CN, EC and Gekko.
– Weckman and Konsti have represented SHS at Boomi’s annual ball.
– Weckman has participated in Hanken’s GDPR meeting.
– Weckman has published SHS member survey.
– Weckman has had a meeting about SHS Benefits and Careers together with Business Committee members.
– Weckman has organized a GDPR workshop for Andersén, Styrström, Mäkinen (General Secretary) and Bergström (SSHV)

The meeting ended at 14:54