Meeting abstract from the board meeting 15/2018

By Christian Nygård

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics

Meeting abstract of The Executive Board’s meeting 15 /2018

Place: SEB, Sanduddsgatan 7 A, II floor.

Time: 9.5.2018 kl. 13.12



Henna Konsti, Ida Andersén, Christian Nygård, Amos Schalin, Edvard Björk, Filip Styrström, Melina Weckman, Camilla Mäkinen,


The Executive board made decisions in the following matters during the meeting:


  • Henna Konsti was elected as student representative in the universitu council
  • NESU-SHS application for project grant was postponed


The Board’s activities:

  • The executive board had a community night together with the employees of the student union
  • Konsti has participated at NIORD’s board meeting
  • Weckman has sent the last newsletter of the year
  • Styrström has arranged a work
  • Styrström has opened the election of the course of the year
  • Andersén and Konsti have planned and executed a strategy day with the executive board
  • Andersén has participated in a meeting with the Nordic Board.
  • Nygård has been at Nyyti’s council meeting
  • Nygård and Andresén have been on a radio interview with Radio Vega
  • Björk has held NU meeting
  • Björk has worked with SEB regarding the student unions conference room


The meeting ended at 13:22