The Executive Board 2019 – something for you?

By Henna Konsti

Are you interested in student union activity? Are you looking for new challenges? Get ready for your most awesome and giving year at Hanken!

It is soon time to apply to the SHS Executive Board 2019. The application period opens when the next former of the board is chosen by the Student Council, but the current executive board is happy to answer any of your questions about their tasks already now. Please note, that the positions may vary depending on how the former of the board chooses to build the structure of the board.

Read more about the different positions below. You can reach the board members by personal contact or .


My name is Henna Konsti and I am the chairman of the executive board, which means I am the operative leader of the student union. My job as chairman is to coordinate the board’s work, oversee the student unions activities and to act as the voice of the student union. As chairman I’m SHS’ representative in for example Suomen Ekonomit and I work closely with the National Union of University Students in Finland. If you are interested in becoming the next chairman, I recommend you to apply as the former of the board. I will gladly answer all your questions, so please don’t hesitate to take contact with me!

Vice President, Strategy and International Affairs

My name is Ida Andersén and I’m the vice president of the board. The work consists of supporting the president and the other members of the board with daily tasks. I have for example Held meeting if Henna’s been absent, taken care of invitations to annual balls, been in charge of events like Vappu and the Kårsemi and other smaller occasional events. Regarding international Affairs, I’ve been in contact with our friend-organisations in the nordics and have explored new international cooperations for our members. In addition, I am in charge of the work with next year’s budget and operational plan. My position has been Very flexible and quite creative as it was a new one for this year. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in applying for the board of 2019. I would gladly discuss my work further with you.


Educational affairs My name is Filip Styrström  and my area of responsibility on the board is educational affairs, which means basically that I act as the link between the student body and Hanken where I also participate in several workgroups. I’m also functioning as the head of the Education Committee. If you are interested in being a part of the Executive Board, I will gladly tell you more about it!

Head of Corporate Relations

My name is Edvard Björk and I am the head of Corporate Relations at the student union. My responsibility is to be the president of the Business Committee. As the head of the business committee you are responsible for all contact with the business community from the student Union. The business committee is evolving very fast and we have many projects going on, out of which Hanken Network Day is the biggest one. Right now is the perfect time to take over this position as we have a well functioning committee with motivated members that want to achieve great things. By being head Corporate Relations you will learn a lot about leadership, marketing, customer relations and you will be able to work with many interesting companies. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


Academic and social affairs I am Christian Nygård and to my responsibilities in the Executive Board includes academic and social affairs. This means that I guard our members interests and make sure that our voice is heard. Academic affairs means that I stay in touch with SYL and the other student unions and work together with them to make sure that we have the best possible education in Finland in the future. Being in charge of social affairs includes guarding the wellbeing of our members by cooperating with for example The Finnish Student Health Service. There is no need to have any pre knowledge to do these jobs, only a willingness to influence. If you are interested in being a part of the Executive Board and work with academic and social affairs please do not hesitate to contact me!

Administration and maintenance My name is Amos Schalin and my responsibilities on the Executive Board is Administration and Maintenance. I take care of our building, maintain the booking system, and make sure that the Student Unions premises are kept in good condition and make sure our clubs and committees respect the premises, as well as being a contact person between the Board and SHS Clubs. I participate in the Casa buildings board meetings, and keep in contact with our neighbours KSO on the other side of the building. The work varies a lot from day to day. There are exciting projects coming up next year. Feel free to contact me if you feel interested in the position!

Communications My name is Melina Weckman and I am in charge of the communication and marketing of the Student Union. As my daily assignments I send out the SHS Newsletter, I post on our different social media channels and I get to play around with Photoshop and InDesign on a regular basis. The SHS brand and visual look is also something I am constantly trying to move forward. I am also in charge of our e-mail adresses, this website as well as answering any questions that are sent to position is educational but most importantly fun! You do not need to be an expert from the beginning, but a visual eye is a great start. If I sparked your interest, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that you would like me to answer.