Casa Nostra is looking for new members

By Styrelsen

Casa Nostra is now looking for new members for the operational year of 2018. Join us on the most epic adventure of your life, alongside a community you’ve never experienced before. This is guaranteed the best decision you could make during your time at the Student Union of Hanken School of Economics. If you would get the possibility to join, Casa Nostra the official party committee, you would get to be part of organizing the best parties at the Student Union and much more! If you are a happy, social and crazy student- apply for Casa Nostra 2018!

Casa Nostra consists of five teams: The Board: President, Vice President, and the Treasurer. PR- Designs the posters, overall patches and organizes the ticket realizes. Proggis- Decorates party space before the events and contribute with awesome entertainment and program at the parties itself. Spritis- Contributes with the liquid that satisfies all thirsty throats. Köket- the Kitchen- Introduces new culinary experiences for each event. Please include in your application the information of who you are, some personal details, why you would fit in Casa Nostra and which team that interests you the most. Please also attach a picture of yourself. Your contact information should also be included in the application (mainly phone number and e-mail).

Send your application to at the latest 08:th of December 2017 (before midnight) If you have any further questions please contact Erika Ramberg, President of Casa Nostra 2018, or talk to any other members of Casa Nostra. #AreYouReadyForCN18 CN