The University of the Arts Student Union is going to put the cap on Havis Amanda in a virtual reality

By Styrelsen

Due to restrictions it is not possible to gather in the Helsinki Market Square on the 30th of April. That is why ArtSU will perform the traditional ceremony in an alternative way, which everyone can follow safely from their homes.

In collaboration with Helsinki city and VR-studio Zoan the traditional event, consisting of putting the student cap on Havis Amanda, will be done virtually. The viewers will also have the opportunity to be interactive in this virtual reality. The ceremony can be seen at least on the address beginning at 5.45 PM on the 30th of April. The ceremony is a part of Helsinki city’s Vappu Evening program.

The program will also contain traditions and values important to ArtSU. By dressing Havis Amanda in the cap virtually, ArtSU wants to remind vappu celebrators that it is not safe to gather and that even cherished traditions have to be rethinked in these times.