Announcement for the Student Council Elections

By Styrelsen

The Student Council elections will be held 22-23.10 2019 with an electronic pre-voting 17-21.10. During the actual election days, you can vote electronically from 22.10 at 00.00 to 23.10 at 16.00. You can also vote at Hanken 22.10 at 11.00-16.00 and 23.10 at 11.00-16.00, the locations being Hanken’s lobby in Helsinki (Arkadiagatan 22) and Hanken’s lobby in Vasa (entrance from Biblioteksgatan 16). The electronic pre-voting will be arranged from 17.10 at 00.00 – 21.10 at 23.59.

The deadline for the registration period for candidates is Wednesday 1.10 at 16.00, when all candidate lists must be signed and submitted electronically in a PDF file to At the Student Union (Sanduddsgatan 7 A, Helsinki, second floor) you can also find the official electoral register, which is a list of all the registered students who may run as a candidate/ or vote in the Student Council elections this year. If you are unsure of if you are registered or have the right to run; please check if you are on
the list. If you suspect an error in the electoral register, please contact the General Secretary no later than 1.10 at 15.00 The candidates who wish to join an electoral alliance and the electoral alliances who wish to join an electoral ring shall submit a notification to the student union’s General Secretary or to the election committee in Vasa no later than 8.10.2019 at 16.00, after which the candidate lists are published.

Sign up as a candidate NOW  by clicking HERE!