Are you leading one of SHS committees in 2020?

By Generalsekreterare

Many positions of trust for 2020 will be filled on the Student Council meeting 19.11 at 5.30 PM. If you want your application to be sent to the Student Council, send it latest 16.11 at 11 AM to Read more about the open positions below, apply, and contribute to how SHS 2020 will look like!

The positions of trust that are open for application are:

President of Casa Nostra 2020

Treasurer of Casa Nostra 2020

President of Exchange Committee 2020

President of Program Committee 2020

President of Sports Committee 2020

President of Information Committee 2020

President of Master´s Committee 2020


The applications will be sent to latest 16.11 at 11AM. It is also possible to apply directly at the meeting without sending a written application. Individuals for these positions will be chosen at the Student Council meeting 19.11 at 17.30PM.