The Business Committee is recruiting!

By William Stjernberg

Hey all ambitious and driven students, Look here!

The Business Committee 2020 is recruiting!

The Business Committee serves as the link between Hanken students and corporations. We focus on developing new ways for students to engage with companies and vice versa through entrepreneurial and outside the box thinking. We are also responsible for one of the most vital revenue streams of the Student Union.

Do you want to develop your business proficiency by strategic development of SHS’ corporate relations? Do you want to take part in organising Hanken’s biggest recruitment event the Hanken Network Day? Do you want to take part in and develop Company of the Week, a success story from 2019? Or are you perhaps interested in managing SHS’ customer relations, creating new ones and gaining valuable experience in CRM software?

All of this and much more is only an application and a relaxed interview away!

Send your application letter to by 15.12.2019. Your application letter should include a presentation of yourself, an explanation of your interest in the Business Committee and preferably a new idea you would love to develop.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Business Committee’s President for 2020 Joakim Kiuru at if you have any questions.

DL 15.12.2019

Interviews will be held during the application period, but all the latest during week 51.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,