NESU-SHS is looking for new board members!


2019 is almost here, which also means that NESU-SHS needs new members to their board. By becoming a board member you get to make decisions and plan our events, and meet a lot of amazing people of course!

NESU-SHS is a member organisation of the Nordic Economic Students’ Union, that consists of student organisations at various business schools around Finland, Iceland and Tallinn. We organize a lot of sitz-parties but also other fun events like conferences and cottage-weekends, to which all NESU-members are invited.

Why apply to the NESU-SHS board?
By becoming a board member in NESU-SHS you will get to make decisions about our events as well as plan and organize them. You will get many new friends and a wide network especially within the NESU-cities in Finland. In 2019 NESU-SHS also has the honor of organizing the NESU-Möksä (a cottage-weekend) for the first time, so by becoming a board member you will also get the chance to organize this fun and unforgettable event!

In addition to being a lot of fun, by being in the board you will also learn a lot about e.g. budgeting, marketing and general organization of events, so being a board member is definitely something to put on your CV!

In the NESU-SHS board, we have for example the following posts: president, vice president, treasurer, communication, marketing.

The new board will be elected on our internal party 1.12 at Legenda. You can let us know of your interest by emailing, or just take part in the election on Saturday.


NESU-SHS board 2018