New guidelines for using Student Union’s spaces

By Generalsekreterare

On March 13th, the Student Union of Hanken School of Economics implemented government recommended guidelines, in the attempt to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Since this point of time, the situation has improved, and the Finnish government’s recommendations have undergone changes. Thus, the Student Union is to update its guidelines accordingly.

On May 4th, the Parliament introduced, and approved, a new hybrid strategy to handle the crises caused by the corona pandemic, and step- by- step instructions of phasing out the restrictions set to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The goal with the hybrid strategy is primarily to continue to prevent breakout of corona, without causing weighty negative consequences for people, industries, society, and basic human rights (‘Ministry of the Interior, Finland 4.5.2020’).

The Student Union actively follows updates from the government and Hanken regarding new guidelines related to the coronavirus. The Executive Board and employees of the Student Union will continue, at large, to work at distance. It is possible for the members to visit the Student Union’s spaces for work related activities to the Student Union. In this case, contact Secretary General Kristiane Width by e-email ( at least 24 hours before arrival time to the Student Union’s spaces. Please be aware that gatherings are limited to ten people to June 1st. The Student Union encourages its members to limit their amounts of social gatherings. Please remember to stay at home if you are feeling sick!

SHS continues to follow both information from the Finnish government and Hanken to update its guidelines when, and if needed.

Follow the information about studies sent from Hanken by regularly checking your email. Information about individual courses are posted on the Moodle Website. Information regarding the Student Union can be found at