Petra Laiti from SHS elected as member of SYL’s board 2018

By Melina Weckman

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Petra Laiti from SHS elected as member of SYL’s board 2018

Petra Laiti from the Student Union at Hanken School of Economics, Svenska handelshögskolans studentkår has been elected to the board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) 2018.

Laiti has during the past year been a member of the Student Union’s executive board. With her role as the Student Union’s representative for academic affairs she has extensive knowledge of student union affairs in Finland. Additionally, she has worked with topics and projects such as the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Vision 2030 project. Laiti is a masters’ level business student who studies management and organisation. Besides her work at the Student Union, Laiti is an active social influencer who is also the president of Suoma Sámi Nuorat rf. Furthermore, Laiti has earlier on been an active member of the Student Council and been a student representative at Hanken’s department of Management and Organisation.

“I am extremely happy about the result and proud of getting SHS represented in SYL’s executive board. I look forward to the coming year and continuing my work in the student union world. Next year SYL will focus on work and career development as well as international affairs. I hope that these projects will also engage Hanken students and raise awareness of the work that SYL does.”

Miika Tiainen (TYY) was chosen to the president / chairman of SYL. Additionally to Petra, other elected board members are: Joel Lindqvist (HYY), Ada Saarinen (HYY), Jenny Vaara (OYY), Teemu Vasama (JYY), and Petteri Heliste (AYY).

The board of SYL was chosen at the General Assembly in Tampere 17-18.11.

For more information:
Petra Laiti
tel 050 495 9935

Marina Nygård (General Secretary)
tel 044 989 5659