The Program committee is looking for new members!

By Programkommittén

Do you want to be a part of organizing the most unique events at the student union? Do you want to be active at the student union and a part of your own team? Are you a happy, energized, social and ambitious person? Apply for PK 2020!

The Program Committee organizes the traditional events Skojrejs and Hanken Fashion Night. Apart from that we organize some finer dinners and there is also the opportunity to create a totally new event!

Send an application letter including at least:

  • Shortly an introduction of who you are
  • Why are you applying for PK?
  • What team would you want to be a part of? (PR, program, drinks, kitchen)
  • A new idea for an event
  • Contact information
  • A picture of you

Send your application no later than 1.12.2019 to