Apply for grants!

By Styrelsen

Suggestions and applications should be sent to the General Secretary of the Student Union (, deadline 13th of December 2018.

Ceremonial Awards
Nominations for the Ceremonial Awards and the Student Unions banner should be sent in by at least five Student Union members, the Executive Board, the Elders Council or a Student Council member.

– Stora kårnålen in silver is awarded to a person whom by his or her activity for SHS has earned its recognition.
Lilla förtjänstmärket is awarded to a person whom by his or her activity for SHS has earned its special recognition.

Kamratskapsmärket is awarded to a regular Student Union member who specially deserves the recognition of a ”god kamrat” and who has s promoted a good Hanken-spirit. Kamratskapsmärket required a nomination from one Student Union member.

The Student Union Grant of 250€ kan be applied by and awarded to a student whom greatly has contributed to the Student Union or the Student Association in Vasa. The Student Union scholarship is awarded to a student who has performed at least 120 ECTS in his or her own study program. Only Student Union merits are considered in awarding the Student Union scholarship. The application should include a study transcript and a transcript of Student Union merits.

The Activity Grant can be awarded to students whom greatly has contributed to SHS. The grant can not be applied for and only Student Union merits are considered in the awarding.

Understödsföreningen also grants Student Union activity -scholarships to students who have held a more demanding position of trust in the Student Union. The size of the scholarships is decided by the Board of Understödsföreningen and are maximum 1000€. Positions in the Student Union which qualify for the scholarship are member of the Executive Board, President of the Student Council, President and Treasurer of Casa Nostra, President for the Annual Ball Committee, President of the Information Committee, Exchange Commitee President, Freshman Committee president, IHD President, President of the Program Committee, Sports Committee President and Masters’ Committee President. The applications are ranked by Student Union activity and the scholarships can be applied by persons who’ve had one of the positions during 2018 and whose mandate is ending.

Ben Schnitts scholarship ”Den sanna hankeiten” of 2000€ is awarded to a student who has shown some of the following characteristics in ones activity in SHS: Supporting and helping towards ones friends, working for a common cause, shows good comradeship, loyalty to the Student Union, works for SHS behalf, SHS stakeholder associations or federations. Nominations for the scholarships can be brought forward by SHS Executive Board and by a SHS Student Union member.

KårAmbassadörStipendiet (KAS) is awarded to students for graduation at Hanken or recently graduated. Awarded to a student with outstandig success and personal accomplishments in for example sports, culture, business and society or; has figured as an ambassador to bring SHS closer together with other Student Unions, associations or business life or; through exchange studies have co-operated with foreign universities or student unions and have opened new possibilities for Hanken students. The scholarship sum is 2000€. The receipient is also awarded a special scholarship letter by the SHSU-board.