Apply to the Academic council!

By Utbildningsutskottet

Application to Academic Council is now open!

We are now looking for a substitute representative to one of our student representatives in The Academic Council.

What is AR?

The Academic Council members are appointed by the university college, those referred to in paragraph 2 on a proposal by the respective department council, the person referred to in paragraph 3 on the proposal of the Executive Board of the language center, those referred to in paragraph 4 and 5 on a proposal by the President after consulting the higher education community and those referred to in paragraph 6 on the proposal of the Student Union. Council’s term of office is three years. The representative of an institution must have a doctoral examination. Each member has a personal deputy.

To the Academic Council are

  1. Rector as Chairman and Vice Rector as Vice Chairman
  2. One representative from each institution
  3. One representative of Hanken’s Center for Languages ​​and Business Communication
  4. Two representatives of the professors
  5. Two representatives of other teachers and researchers and other staff.
  6. Two students.

If you have some questions please contact

You can send your application to . Deadline is 20.3!