Apply for Department council representative!

By Utbildningsutskottet

The Student Union is now looking for eager new student representatives to join the Education committee as Department council representatives for the period of 2019-2021. As a student representative you are the number one contact person for students to come to in matters regarding their major at Hanken. Further your role consists of giving input on how to develop your subject, the planning of courses and hiring of professors.


In accordance to Hanken’s proposition we are now looking for:


  • 3 ordinary members and 3 substitute members in Accounting & Commercial law.
  • 3 ordinary members and 3 substitute members in Management & Organization.
  • 3 ordinary members and 3 substitute members in Finance & Economics
  • 3 ordinary members and 3 substitute members in Marketing & Logistics



As a student representative you gain valuable experience in Hanken’s decision making progress and you have a huge opportunity to really impact your studies.

You also automatically become a member of the Education committee.


What you get out of being a student representative:


  • A chance to impact your studies.
  • Valuable experience in meeting technique.
  • Get to know more about Hanken and your professors.
  • The opportunity to work in a team of engaged students.
  • Valuable experience to put on your resume.


In return we expect that you attend the meetings organized by both the Department council and the Education committee and share your knowledge with the Executive Board member in charge of educational affairs.


If this sounds even remotely interesting feel free to contact me and ask questions or send your application today! Note that the position requires fluent Swedish since the Department council meetings are held in it.


Send your application to: by latest the 14th of December 12 pm.


Filip Styrström

Educational affairs

Executive Board 2018