Apply to The Department Council!

By Styrelsen

The application to the Department Council is now open!

Are you active, interested in your studies, and above all feel that you want to have an influence on your studies/ courses? You can be the person we are looking for!

Each subject at the school belongs to an institution, and each institution is led by an institutional council. There they make decisions regarding teaching, what period courses are to be arranged, what is to be dealt with in courses and how students should be judged etc. Therefore, it is incredibly important that The Student Union have competent representatives in the council, so that we can ensure that students’ opinions are heard when the decisions are made.

The Student Union is now seeking new student representatives for:

The department of Accounting and Commercial Law
The department of Finance and Statistics
The department of Management and Organisation
The department of Economics

As an IR representative you will receive:

– Experience in meeting techniques
– A trust assignment to put on your resume
– The chance to get to know your school and your lecturers better
– The ability to really have an influence your studies

In exchange, you are expected to:
– Attend meetings that are held a couple of times per semester
– Report what have been discussed in the meetings

Does this sound like something for you? If so, send a freely formulated application to Application deadline is 26.2!