Apply to NESU-SHS Kesämöksä-team!


Do you want to organize the best event of the year? Do you like meeting new people? DO you want to belong to a community? Great! Then you should apply to the NESU-SHS Kesämöksä-team that organizes NESUs cottageweekend during summer of 2019.

The event will be held the 26.7-28.7 in Hamarin Työväentalo in Porvoo. The team will apply for sponsring, organize the events but also attend the best weekend event of the summer!

To be part of the team please send a message to or to  Janina Korhonen (0400282244) with a short description why you want to join. Students from SSHV can also apply to the team!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity!


Looking forward for your message

Janina och NESU-SHS styrelsen’19