Apply to form the Executive Board 2019!

By Henna Konsti

Are you interested in working in an executive board? Do you have experience as a leader? Are you the president of SHS 2019?

It is time to find a former for the board of 2019. The board formers responsibility is to gather and present a suggestion for the executive boards members to the student council. In practice the board former has been the next chairman of the board, however that is not a requirement.

The application must be sent 6.11 at 12 noon at the latest to

The person who will form the executive board will be chosen in the Student Councils first meeting 9.11 at 13.00.

If you have any questions regarding the post, please don’t hesitate to contact the current president of the executive board:

Henna Konsti
President of the Executive Board 2018
+358 (0)40 4842160