Students value Hankens work on CSR aspects

By Styrelsen

Last November Hanken students participated in a study where they responded on how they feel that Hanken is performing when it comes to tackling sustainability and societal challenges.

Hanken students responded on the Positive Impact Rating for Business Schools (PIR), a study that that 51 top universities globally responded to how they feel that their university perceives sustainability and societal challenges as a crucial part of their agenda.

The results show that Hanken students perceive that Hanken performs very well as an institution as a role model for sustainability and advocates various social challenges. Hanken was ranked in the top 30 among the universities participating in the research.

PIR is the first study to measure how students relate to howmuch goodwill their universities create on a societal level. The survey measures, among other things, how students see their university as a role model, how the university culture encourages tackling CSR issues and how teaching and inspiring students regarding sustainability and various societal challenges the university is.

You can read more about the survey here.