Changes in the 2018-19 study plans and curricula

By Styrelsen

Linda Gerkman, Director of Study Affairs at Hanken, is discussing the current on-going developments.

What will change?

The aim is to develop new study plans for the academic year 2018-19 with a structure that is easier to understand and follow, as well as more homogenous between subjects. Not all details are clear yet, but these are the guidelines that have been decided upon by the Academic Council so far;

1. The courses within a study plan of a track or specialisation will be divided into two categories; Mandatory Courses and Electives. The mandatory courses will give the students the “core”-knowledge and competences in the subject of the track/specialisation. The “core” – courses will of course develop over time, but rarely change. In addition to the mandatory courses, a student will choose a certain minimum of credits from the elective pool of courses according to his or her preferences. The pool of elective courses might be submitted to change, even from year to year. This benefits the students as it enables an offer of changing courses with specialized topics and taking on current developments in the subject. As before, there will of course be courses in Languages and Business Communication as well as elective courses that are not determined in the study plan. During the spring, the new study plans will go through the Department Councils to the Academic Council, who make the final decisions.

2. All master level courses will change to 5 or 10 credits beginning from August 1st 2018. The Department Councils will discuss the new courses, their content and the credits and make a suggestion for the Academic Council. The Academic Council makes the final decision during the spring term.

3. New master students starting their studies from August 1st 2018 will gain 5 credits for the course Research Seminar. All master students currently studying at Hanken may still take the current “old” Research Seminar 12-credit course during this academic year, 2017-18 or the academic year 2018-19. Research Seminar courses starting 1.8.2019, and later, will be worth 5 credits for all students.

4. From August 1st 2018 the counting rule for the GPA shown on the transcript of records will be changed from the current weighted average, where advanced courses have the weight 2 and intermediate have the weight 1, to a simple mean where all courses, which are graded on the 50-100 scale, have the same weight.

Why Change Things?

Hanken wants to offer our students easier study planning and make it even more feasible for students to study in the recommended pace of two years. We aim to offer our students an interesting curricula as well as flexible study paths. We want to facilitate collaboration with other universities by using the same standard amount of credits for our courses and we want the proportion of the “package” of Research Seminar+Master Thesis is in line with the custom at other international accredited business schools.

How does the changes affect my studies?

> The credits of the courses you have passed will not change.

> You do not need, nor are you allowed, to take a (new) course that has (nearly) the same content as a course that you already have passed. There will be instructions regarding which courses correspond to each other.

> You should make sure that you take all (new) mandatory courses, or that you have passed the corresponding courses already. There will be instructions regarding which courses correspond to each other. If there are “left-over” credits, when you compare the new mandatory courses with the corresponding ones, you may use them as credits in the electives section within the new study plan of your track/specialisation.

> The rest of the courses that you already passed and that were included in the previous study plan of your track/specialisation, you may count as courses within the pool of electives in the new study plan of your track/specialisation.

> The aim is that all credits included in the previous study plan also can be included in the new, as either mandatory or electives. The total amount of credits for an MSc degree is a minimum of 120. This is unchanged.

> All master students are strongly encouraged to take the Research Seminar course (12 cr) either the current academic year 2017-18, or during the next 2018-19. In academic year 2019-20 and onwards, there will only be offered a Research Seminar course which is 5 credits.

Who decides on the changes?

The Academic Council of Hanken makes the decisions. The study plans are discussed and agreed upon at the Department Councils before they are presented to the Academic Council. The student representatives of the Department Councils and the Academic Council can influence on the content of the study plans and courses.

How can I influence?

Contact your student representatives or the Student Union Board.

Read more about your student representatives here.

Questions can be directed to