Educational affairs update (MAIN POST IN SWEDISH)

By Julius Tallqvist

For full post, see Swedish version. Here is a short summary of the post:

The Core Funding mode, insitituted by the Ministry of Edcation and Culture will in year 2021 recieve a new criteria. The basic function of the model is that it determines the level of funding universities will be granted. The core Funding model acts as a steering mechanism for the Ministry, because it incentivizes universities to follow the desired directon intended by the Ministry.

The funding is significant because it consitutues between 60-80% of the Finnish universities’ total funding.

The new model is not in favor for Hanken(you can read the Chair of the Board of Hanken’s reaction here:, because the model seeks to push students to graduate within the “standard time”, i.e. three years for Bachelors degree and two years for Masters degree.


Other notable changes that are also taking place at Hanken:

Changes in Master’s Thesis: Reneweal of the scoring matrix, making it less rigid. It includes an addition of the criteria ”process”, which determines how well you have succeeded to follow your scheduled plan in regards to the final dissertation, following Hanken’s research ethical standards. There will also be changes to the starting your thesis, which will now be possible in both semesters, for all majors.

Introduction of anonymous exams


For more information and questions please don’t hesitate to Contact SHS responsible for Educational Affairs at

Julius Tallqvist, Educational Affairs, SHS Board 2019