Student representatives

The Academic Council

The Academic Council is responsible for matters regarding education and research. The Academic Council handles tasks such as developing and evaluating education and research at the school, with the board’s request producing statements in matters regarding education and research, approving education plans and deciding on the examination schedule, appointing experts and draft professor’s appointments, selecting reviewers for pro gradu and licentiate theses as well as selecting previewers, reviewers and opponents for doctoral dissertations, assessing and approving pro gradu and licentiate theses as well as doctoral dissertations. The student union has two student representatives (and two subsitutes) in the Academic Council at Hanken for the 2016-2018 term.

Kenneth Nilsson –

Sofia Slotte –

Department Councils

Hanken has five departments which are led by a prefect and a department council. The departments are for both campuses. The department councils can be seen as a shareholder meeting for the departments. The department council is made up of the prefect, department representatives and student representatives. Matters handled by the council include the course offering, the hiring of new professors and research doctorates, the department budget and more. The union has 2-3 student representatives in every council and all of them have a personal substitute.

The Department Council for Finance and Statistics

Max Nyberg –

Kati Hämäläinen (Vasa) –

The Department Council for Management and Organization

Elin Bergman –

Melina Weckman –

Rasmus Sinnenmaa –

The Department Council for Marketing

Sara Hemming (Vasa) –

Olli Tuominen –

Caisa Lindblom –

The Department Council for Economics

Joakim Wiktröm –

Majken Stenberg –

The Department Council for Accounting and Commercial Law

Anna Piiroinen-

Frida Elf –

Max J. Nyberg –

Jessica Kock (Vasa)