Casa Academica

In addition to being a place for parties Casa Academica is also home to the student union. The offices at Casa serve as a base of operations for the union’s committees and the board. It might seem obvious that the student union has its own building but a lot of work went into building our beloved home that in 2004 turned 30 years. The house has been renovated in 2005.

After many setbacks Casa Academica was finally opened on the 5th of November 1974, 13 years after the SHS Understödsförening (SHS UF, the supporting entity behind the student union) was founded. During these 13 years the UF fought hard in order to come up with the required funds to be able to begin building our home. Without the work done by SHS UF during the 1960’s and -70’s Casa Academica would still only be a dream.