Student union fee

According to the university law every university should have a student union in which all bachelor and master students are apart. Due to this all students pay a student union fee which consist of a fee to the student union and a fee for healthcare.

The total cost is 125 euros. Out of this, 57 euros goes directly to FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) and means that you as a student can use student health care. The rest of the cost, 68 euros goes to the student union. This money is spent to assure your interests are taken into consideration in society and in school. Through the fee you also gain access to a student card that enables you to get cheaper prices in public transport, in many stores, in the school cafeteria, at the student gym Unisport and much more. Additionally, you can apply for housing through HOAS as well as participate in the many activities and use the facilities of the student union.


If you are registered at two national universities you must pay the student union fee to both student unions. However, it is possible to apply for a refund of the healthcare part. You should apply for the refund from the student union to which the last payment was made.

More information and application: Request for refund of the healthcare fee.docx


If you’ve registered as present before the semester starts but realize that you will not be able to study during the semester you can register as absent. You can then do a request for refund of the student union fee. Once the semester has started you are no longer able to switch a registration as present to absent.

More information and application: Request for refund of the studentunion fee.docx