Honorary member of the Student Union has passed away

By Generalsekreterare

Göran Meinander who acted as the first curator of the Student Union and a honorary member since 1988 has passed away at the age of 73. He was an active member of the student union during his studies, but continued his passionate work within the union as an alumni.

Mr. Meinander was the pioneer behind bringing the white overalls and the badges attached to the back of the overalls to Hanken. In 1969, along with the Chair of the Board, Filip Hamro- Drotz, the initiative was brought to Hanken from their good study comrades at the Stockholm School of Business. The use of the badges that identify the membership of the various committees at the Student Union was also a brainchild of Mr. Meinander. The use of these badges spread during the 1970’s to other universities across Finland, and today a significant part of the university culture.

Mr. Meinander was also part of establishing one of many clubs at the Student Union, which exhibit the so-called ‘true Hanken spirit’ among alumni.

After Meinander graduated from Hanken, he continued to his active leadership role within the Student Union by acting as a board member in several companies with partnerships to SHS. In 1988, he was chosen as a honorary member of the Student Union, due to his passion and ongoing hard work for SHS.